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Who We Are

At AMERI STAR EXPRESS, we believe if you can’t move your goods speedily, you shouldn’t be carrying them at all! However, it’s not only the speed that matters but quality as well. That’s what we offer, quality service with speed. AMERI STAR EXPRESS serves as a synonym of a professional cargo delivery network. We provide air, sea and road cargo transportation and documentation services under one roof.

What's Our Focus

We go the extra mile to ensure your package arrives on time and undamaged. Hence, boundaries are no more a headache especially if you have the perfect courier solution. Also, we believe the world is one neighborhood and can connect with our network. Our smart innovation makes sending dispatches simple, regardless of the destination.

Our Services We Serve All Industry

Packing & Shipping

Ameri Star Express has an in-house group of highly skilled proficient packers that use the best, time-tested packing materials with the aim that your shipments are delivered safely. Be rest assured that your cargo will reach its destination in a secured packaging.

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Ameri Star Express has warehousing space in key areas of the country. It is considered as an important component of our basket of services enabling you to reduce overheads, increase productivity and cut down important management time. We comprehend that warehousing is a key part of the production network and it fundamentally controls all movement and storage.

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Freight Insurance

Our freight insurance covers cargo carried across water, air, and road. We protect your shipments while in transit with our cargo insurance. However, there are some regulations for certain types of cargo items during their shipment. The risk lasts during the normal course of shipment to terminate on delivery.

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