Ameri Star Courier-Delivery-

Who We Are

At AMERI STAR EXPRESS, we believe if you can’t move your goods speedily, you shouldn’t be carrying them at all! However, it’s not only the speed that matters but quality as well. That’s what we offer, quality service with speed. AMERI STAR EXPRESS serves as a synonym of a professional cargo delivery network. We provide air, sea and road cargo transportation and documentation services under one roof.


We go the extra mile to ensure your package arrives on time and undamaged. Hence, boundaries are no more a headache especially if you have the perfect courier solution. Also, we believe the world is one neighborhood and can connect with our network. Our smart innovation makes sending dispatches simple, regardless of the destination.

Why Choose Us? Find reasons to choose us as your favorite shipping agency.

Customer Satisfication Tools

We have set up strategic tools in place to facilitate all our shipping and logistics activities to to produce a hassle free procedure while working with us.

Management & Reporting

With our high skilled workers we produce a quality management system and reporting standard which puts our company at priority state of service.

Freight Payment Options

Regardless of where you are shipping from around the world, we have all possible payment options which will will help you process your payment faster and less complications. Contact us for payment options for your destination.

Compliance Solutions

USPS Logistics offers a wide range of Compliance solutions. Our professional services are designed to enable organizations maximize their performance by supporting their learning and compliance needs. We assist organizations understand their obligations under the Customs Modernization Act, how to classify their commodities in accordance with the General Rules of Interpretation and other material each exporter and importer should be aware of.